Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer Exploration of Hand Drawing and Digital Representation

This summer, entering 1st-year M.Arch Track III students explored analog and digital architectural representation techniques in ARC 450/451, taught by Professors Frank Harmon, Patricia Morgado, and David Hill. Below are some images of the student work from the 5-week intensive course. Many of the students (who are entering the M.Arch program with degrees in non-architectural fields) had minimal prior experience in architectural representation, which makes the final body of work that much more impressive. Great job, everyone, and welcome to NC State!

Process renderings during the summer

Rendering by Lotte Van Miegroet

Renderings by Hannah Stallkamp

Rendering by Hao Zhang

Renderings by Gabriele Seider

Renderings by Ryan Houser

Rendering + drawings by Kristen Warring

Drawing by Eli Simaan

Drawings by Sarah Hanks

Drawings by Gabriele Seider

Drawings by Hao 

Drawings by Hao Zhang

Professor Pat Rand discusses Kristen Warring's project

Patrick Hobgood discusses Hannah Stallkamp's project

Reviewers discuss Gabriele Seider's project

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