Monday, October 14, 2013

Shack-a-thon 2013

Once again the NC State contingent of USGBC Students participated in the annual Shack-a-thon fundraiser this past month helping to raise more than $25,000 for the local Habitat for Humanity chapter.  From September 23 through September 27th, members of university organizations took turns living in shacks they built themselves on the campus brickyard. Students stayed in the shacks 24/7 to help money and awareness!

The annual event is held by the NC State Habitat for Humanity club to increase awareness of poverty housing and raise fund to help build houses in impoverished areas. Take a look at the some pictures from the event below and check out the awesome shack designed and built by some of your College of Design classmates!

For more information about Shack-a-Thon and other events hosted by USBGC Student organization on campus contact 

Great job guys!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Student Interview: Sahar Golabi

For this weeks interview we are talking with one of our new 1st year Track 3 students, Sahar Golab. Sahar took a break from studio to sit down and talk with us about classes, her background, and a certain four-legged friend who's been seen around studio - hope you enjoy!

Q: Where are you from?
Sahar: Athens, Georgia

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself, whats your background? What did you study in undergrad?
Sahar: I went to the University of Georgia (UGA) for undergrad and studied Interior Design. I really liked it because the school is located close to downtown Athens; right in the thick of things. After graduating undergrad I came straight to graduate school, and I have a strong background in digital programs including Autocad, Revit, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketchup.

Q: What brought you to NC State?
Sahar: One of my undergraduate professors, John Byron, was an alumni and he highly recommended NCSU and told me about Dean Malecha. I also knew about some of the other highly regarded faculty at the school, including Paul Tesar, who I knew of because I referenced one of his books during my senior design project. I did apply to several other schools including Boston Architectural College, MassARCH, Georgia Tech, and Ohio State, but ultimately decided on NC State. 

Q: Why did you decide to go into architecture?
Sahar: In interior design we were taught how to do floor plans, sections, and elevations, but we were always told 'you need an architect to do it' and I wanted to be able to do it myself, have more control over my projects. It was a step up.

Q: What do you want to do with your MArch degree?
Sahar: Pass the AREs! I would like to intern in Raleigh because I like the city. It is a nice change of pace from Athens. Maybe after that somewhere a little bigger like Austin or DC.

Q: What kind of architecture do you want to practice?
Sahar: I really love sustainable architecture but also vernacular. Passive solar, something sustainable without having to use technology, where the sun is oriented, siting, stuff like that.... Smart Architecture.

Q: Who is your favorite architect?
Sahar: All of my professors. Sara, Oz, David, the Dean.

Q: So you have a dog... what's up with that?
Sahar: Fred. I have trained guide dogs for 3 years. He is a guide dog to help visually impaired people. My main job s to socialize him, teach him how to act around people. I had to go through training, there is a huge manual, and take a test. When they are under 6 months you have to teach them basic commands like sit, stay, etc.  Now I teach him how to find doors, stairs, elevators, things like crossing the street. 

Q: How long have you had Fred?
Sahar: About 14 to 16 months, I get to keep him for 2 more months. I usually keep the dogs for about a year, I train to socialize the animals and after that they go onto more specialized training.  

Q: Do you get another dog after Fred?
Sahar: I could, but there is studio. Studio is great for Fred because he's a great dog and he's older. If I got another I would start with a puppy and that would be crazy. 

Thanks for talking with us Sahar! Coming soon to the blog, updates on recent studio reviews, information about the start of the Fall AIA/College of Design Lecture Series, and our next professor interview.