Thursday, January 17, 2013

A New Semester, A New AGSA Board!

By this time, everyone is settled in to their new studio spaces, getting the rhythm of new schedules, feeling out their lecture classes (and exactly how much reading they will require), and starting the downhill slide to Spring (ignoring for a moment tonight's snowy forecast).  The new semester also marks a transition for the Architecture Graduate Student Association, as we welcome two new members to our ranks and say goodbye to those moving on.

We're excited to have Patricia Chenery taking over as AGSA Secretary (look forward to her witty and substantive emails in your inbox) and Kevin Diamond taking on the freshly minted position of Communications Chair!  As part of his new role, Kevin will now be responsible for maintaining and populating this blog, something I am both excited to move on from and sad to let go!

Thanks for continuing to check in here to learn about the inner-workings of NC State's architecture program.  This month will see posts about the ULI competition, discussions with recently-returned Prague-ites, the continuation of the student and professor interviews, and of course details on all the fun events we have up our sleeves.  If you have any ideas for content, things you want us to highlight, or glowing reviews of our posts so far (there is no place for criticism; let's quarantine that to reviews), don't hesitate to email us at ncsu (dot) agsa (at) gmail (dot) com.

It's been fun!
Holland Ward

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