Saturday, September 7, 2013

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to a brand new year here at the NC State College of Design! With the first couple weeks of school behind us classes are starting to kick-it into gear as it ramps up to the usual organized chaos that dominates the majority of the semester.

This semester AGSA is working on putting together some great events for all you Architecture Grad students! In addition, we are working to revamp our blog to include more updates on studios and their reviews so you can keep up with what all your friends are working on, and we're also looking to bring back our student and professor interviews, and new this semester we're hoping to get some guest bloggers to write about local design events, opportunities, issues, and anything else you think your fellow graduate students should know. If your interested in being one of our guest bloggers or hear about something you think we should look into just shoot us an email and let us know.

Stay tuned for everything that's new to come! And as always we are here to help so shoot us an email or come find us!

Fall Semester 2013 Officers :
Julie Barghout - President  | Brooks  114
Katy Liang - Vice President  | KAM 300
Adam Ward - Treasurer  | KAM 300
Patricia Chenery - Secretary  | Brooks 114

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