Saturday, September 8, 2012

Student Interviews: Julie Barghout!

Each month AGSA will interview two students and two professors and post the results here for all to enjoy.  We're hoping that these interviews will spark conversation and help connect us as a school which also uncovering some dirt on our fellow students and esteemed faculty.

First up is Julie Barghout, AGSA president and the last to leave any AGSA event (or studio).  Thanks Julie for letting us ask you these truly riveting questions!

Q. What studio project are you most proud of? 
Julie: I'd have to say it's a toss up between the two projects I did last semester, the Dyptic House and the Sub-Terra House.  Both were small houses, and I'm really proud of the level of detail we were able to accomplish with the designs.  I felt like we were really able to convey both the conceptual idea we were trying to emphasize alongside the construction details.

(Sub-Terra House, and Dyptic House for ARC 500, The Problem with the House, taught by David Hill)

Q. What elective outside of studio have you enjoyed the most? 
Contemporary Architectural History, taught last spring by Roger Clark.  It was a good way to connect my background knowledge from before school with lessons from various studios and finally understanding the theories behind each era.  I feel like after that class I have a solid understanding of the context and time for a lot of architecture and am actually able to identify and recognize it immediately.  The class gave me the sense of 'I’m growing, I’m learning, I have a set of resources to back up my designs'.  And Roger Clark is just an excellent professor!

Q. How many all-nighters do you average per semester?
Five.  Well, wait, what do you consider an all-nighter?  Not sleeping at all, or staying up until 7am and then getting 4 hours of sleep before studio?  Because you know 4 hours of sleep is close to 5, and 5 is close to a good amount. 

Q. Askew vs. Jerry’s?

Q. Favorite method of procrastination?

Q. Auto cad, revit, or illustrator?
Auto-cad and illustrator.  I start in auto cad and then bust some really good line weights in illustrator.

Q. Favorite non-architectural book?
Anything by John Grisham.

Q. Favorite architectural book?
Tom Kundig, Houses I and II.

Q. If you could work for any architect living or dead who would it be?
Mies Van der Rohe.

Thanks, Julie!  Stay tuned next week for the first professor interview!

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