Monday, September 26, 2016

In process...Studio time!

A big part of Architectural Grad school is the Studio Culture. The SoA graduates are hard workers and dedicated to excellence in their education. The layout and locations of each of the studios facilitate a collaborative work environment. As studio classes are not closed, but open to encourage the students to talk with each other and share ideas, it is easy to see the high level of design that comes out of this school. We took a tour of some of the graduate studios this past week to find our grads deep in crits, reviews, site installations, meetings, books, iterations, diagrams, models, and lots of caffeine....just to name a few.

Cam rockin' out finishing his final models for next week's 2 Pavilion final review.

      Jose Luis and Lotte adding a bus shade in front of the YMCA as a mini-design/build gift to the community.

Sarah grinding it out.

Halifax is moving studio huddled up in discussion.

Context model for Tall buildings design.

Tall building literature and some 3D printed schematics.

Kelsey making some models.

Initial sketches from team Yujie and Matus.

David Hill giving Allison some valuable critics on her form.

Ross presenting his Charleston maps.

You never know what you will find on the desk of an architect student!

Cal posing with his drawings in the second year track 3 studio.

Installation of a gift to the community....details coming soon!

Studio culture at NCSU SoA is not limited to the four walls of studio. The design - make - design process is in full swing. Tune in for future blogs to see the result of all this hard work!

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