Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Rock Bottom - NCMA - 2016 Summer Design/Build

This summer we had 16 graduate students and one undergraduate student working on this design/build. We began with a simple program requirement of 120 sq ft storage and an outdoor classroom with enough coverage for 10-12 people. Through multiple iterations, and a lot of consensus building, we developed a plan with a diagonal butterfly roof made of a massive glue-lam girder sloping down the site with wood rafters and blocking. The high point of the roof and the site is the location of the storage space which is wood framed and cladded with charred wood. The charred siding was reused from the habitat restore and the formwork used to create the two parallel concrete walls that embrace the storage. At the bottom of the slope, the roof emerges on a gutter that will collect rainwater to create a fountain that pours out onto a large rock at the bottom. The large rock is the feature of the beginning of the rain garden that also directs water from the site to be absorbed into the site to prevent runoff. The volunteer gardeners have moved their tools into the storage and already the pavilion is being informally used by the museum employees even though they have not had the grad opening yet. The clients stated we met and exceeded their expectations. Go team! 

Garden Pavilion with Enclosed Storage

Sketches for NCMA Sensory Garden

Moe and Scott - Charlie's Angels?

Rhian. Heatin' things up!

Board formwork level, braced, and ready for the concrete pour.

Keeping everything level and in line was imperative to the success of the project.

Eli and Kristen keepin' things level.

Emmy working on grinding the steel to prepare for welding.

Bryan and Rhian guiding the w-flange beams to pin to the column.


Gabby connecting the angle fascia to the rafters at the overhang.

Joel's expert advice paying off!

Jenn making final touches on the custom made, custom welded door mechanism.

Giti using a giant mechanized pogo stick to compact the grit. Scott supervises.

The whole team, Finished.

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