Tuesday, October 25, 2016

AGSA Bowls the Alley one last time...

The Alley (http://www.bowlthealley.com/) has been the beloved bowling destination for students and residents alike since the 1960s. November 26th is the last day the historic bowling alley will open its lanes. They will be auctioning off their furniture in January and moving to the Liberty Warehouse apartment complex in Durham, NC.

AGSA couldn't let this historic part of student life pass without some activity! So, the first 10 in the door bowled for FREE. Letting loose on a Tuesday evening really produced a bunch of strikes for some and gutter balls for others. Overall, it was a lot of laughs!

Matus, Daniel and Sarah...waiting for shoes, gearing up for some major competition.

Warming up the lanes...

Matus keeping score old school...like middle school...how long ago was that?

Ryan throws a strike!

And the overall winner is...Matus!! Heroic looser...Sarah.

Look: Allison stopped by and is really happy about getting out of studio!

Next AGSA mixer is in November! Stay tuned for dates & details. 

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