Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Student Spotlight: Jennifer Smith, BArch - Track 2 MArch

Jennifer Smith took a moment away from her 15 credits (that's 5 seminars!) to sit down with us to talk about life as a Track II at NCSU. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia where her parents, sister, niece and brand new nephew still live, Jennifer received her BArch from Auburn University. While she has been in professional practice for the past six years, she has only four exams left to licensure! Just for fun we found out that Jennifer has a three-way tie for a favorite color: white, blue & green and dark chocolate is her favorite sweet...Lindt Truffles to be precise!

This brings us to some very important questions:

Why would someone so close choose to go back to school!?!?!?!

With that question, Jennifer laughed softly and responded, "Lots of reasons."

Presenting Jennifer Smith's top 3 reasons "Why I chose school over practice":

1. I am getting a Masters degree in only one year (3 semesters) and I didn't have to take the GRE!

2. Coming from practice to the design/build studio over the summer it was an easy transition to the theoretical world of education. Design/Build studio also allowed me to get to know a lot of the other students to expand my network, reduce isolation a Track II can experience in student life, and created an opportunity to learn and collaborate with other students from other tracks in their education.

3. Because Track II is set up as a thesis program, I am given the opportunity to work on a specific focus of my choice that I don't always get to pursue in practice.

"In short, Track II allows someone to take out one year to study your passion that is a rare and affordable opportunity that can be the beginning of a career path."

This leads us to our next question: What are you focused on for your thesis research this semester?

"I am studying Mid to Long term Housing after a crisis in cities: How Housing can Increase Resiliency. Where we build and place housing in the city."

Why did you choos NC State's SoA?

"This school offers an interdisciplinary education and communication as well as physical proximity. I found that the culture here is similar to Auburn so it was an easier adjustment and easier for me to blend with the culture. I value the creed that is preached here: Learning through making."

Thanks Jennifer for sitting down with us! We can't wait to see what you do next when you are in your studio semester!

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